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How We Deliver a Product? 
  • When We receive an order (from other countries ) with in 7 days Buyer Representative come at our office and receive order physically.
  • We always mention on our Company Invoice Product receiver name and Owner Name (who pay an amount through IPG).
  • All Seafood will be vacuum packed or sealed before Delivery.

Here Is Our Product Delivery Steps

  • Our International Client Place an Order through IPG.
  • Once we receive a payment confirmation with in 3 days we allow our client to receive an order
  • Client Representative Receive an order Physically and we make company invoice with details of both (Client and Representative) ID Num or necessary details.
  • For National Client We Deliver Sea Food On Door Step.
  • For International Client When there Local Representative receive a Product We are not responsible after handover an order.(We always keep all details of International Client and Representative) There NIC,ID and Passport details.

Our Contact Details For More Details

call/email us (+92)-323-2763395 /